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-Feng Shens Romance- What is the relationship betwe Huang Feihu d WaWa-hich it biki-

“Feng Shen Romance” Huang Feihu is too powerful? Do you know that it doesnt matter, our Xiaobian tells you.

Huang Feihu is also a very important role in the “Romance” of the Gods. It is actually a mortal in his life. Although the family will be loyal to Shang Dynasty, he encounters a fainted king. It turned out to die and killed his lady. Huang Feihu never would like to be loyal to such a business king, so standing in the opposite of Shang Dynasty, helping Zhou Dynasty overturned the Commerce. Huang Feihu also also in the god list, then what God is finally sealed? Why after the Huang Feihu is sealed, it is necessary to take the land house. What is the relationship between him and the king? read more

-5G + 8K- industry boom is expected to rise nearly 5 billion yuann the OLED concept stock

On July 1st, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index collected high-speed jumping and high-speed, and the Shanghai Composite Index opened easily to recover 3,000 points. The market funds are strong, and the money is good, and the two markets can once again enlarge. As of the closing, Shanghai index rose 2.22%, received 3044.90 points, Shenzhen, Shenzhen rose 3.84%, 3.75%, respectively. In this context, the collective in the OLED concept stock is strong, and the overall rise is 6.58%, and the 83 ingredient stock price is all achieved. Aspects, Kaisheng Technology, Powerful New Materials, Fuyang Hui, Tong Xingda, Star Technology, Zhiyun Shares, Xiangshan Shares, Unified Equipment, Rainbow Shares, Longhua Technology, Deep Tiantia A, Oufi Guang, Huading Technology, Beijing Dongfang A and other 14 stocks have settled on Monday, and Visin (9.58%), Jingquan Hua (8.48%), Jin Fu Technology (8.44%), East Mountain Precision (8.44%), Duo Tuo Shares (8.31%), pensions (8.26%), TCL Group (8.11%) and Changxin Technology (8.10%), etc. have also exceeded 8%. Good market performance is inseparable from funding, July 1st, 4.754 billion yuan in large subscriptions into 68 OLED concept stocks. Among them, there are 43 conceptual stocks, net inflows in net inflows above 10 million yuan, Jingdong A (174,4954,600 yuan), Oufai Guang (408.152 million yuan), TCL Group (319.44 million yuan), piloting a wisdom (305.7382 million yuan) , The big laser (2360.18,900 yuan), deep talents A (22946.34 million), Dongshan Precision (1470.56 million) and Shiliang (1383.83 million yuan) and other stocks have reached more than 100 million yuan, Dong Xu Photoelectric (9518.83 million), Tai Chi Industrial (746.843 million), Changxin Technology (70.568 million), Vi Tsino (51.854 million yuan), Kaisheng Technology (51.570,100 yuan), Huading Technology (461.26 million yuan) , Star Technology (4609.39 million), Liand (39,804,100 yuan), Chengzhi shares (37.13.01 million yuan), Sichuan Changhong (3544.01 million yuan), Xinxiang (342.145 million yuan), Jingquan Hua (3382.56 million Yuan) and strong new materials (313.752 million yuan)The same shares have also been over 30 million yuan in large single fund layout. In fact, not only the mainstream funds in the field have favored the OLED concept stocks, but also the long-term funds represented by social security, but also in advance. According to the statistics of the same faunction data, as of the end of the first quarter of 2019, a total of 13 companies were held by the social security fund, and the number of shareholdings were Jingdong A (180.29 million shares), Xinyi Technology (4520.09 million shares), the country. Star radio (245890 million shares), Changxin Technology (238556 million shares), Shenghong Technology (224899 million), Shen Kangjia A (20099,500 shares), Julyzhi shares (2000 million shares), Wan Run shares (13.11.97 million Shares), big laser (640.00 million shares), Jin Duo shares (550.07 million shares), Zhongying Electronics (37.54 million shares), Anjie Technology (3104 million shares) and Nanda Optoelectronics (233.15 million shares). It is reported that the 2019 International New Display Technology Exhibition opened at recently opened, Jingdong A, Shen Tianma A, etc. showing a large number of new products with a large number of new products. Global Display Material giant Merck said that new technologies such as “5g + 8K” will become a huge new kinetic energy in the panel industry. Not only is the liquid crystal material, but they also focus on displaying new applications – LCD windows this year, I hope to open another window in the display panel industry, leading the industrial growth. Analysts said, “5G + 8K” became the keyword of the exhibition, under the promotion of the policy, “5G + 8K” will give a new kinetic energy to the industry to bring product replacement, driving the industrial prospects is expected to rise. In the expected future development of the entire industry, the recent institution has gradually increased the attention of the plate component stocks. There are 20 concept stocks in the near 30 days to “buy” or “rendering” and other optimistic rating, of which Elementary test electronic (10 houses), Wan Run shares (6), Feidai materials (3), Dongshan Precision (2), Xinzhibang (2), Unique Laser (2), Jingdong A ( Two faucet stocks such as Jin Duo Shares (2) have recently been recommended by the agency, and the rear market performance is worthy of attention. For future investment logic, Financial Securities, Tongxong Securities, it is recommended to explore OLED concept stocks from three major main lines: first is the field of post-module equipment. Pay attention to breakthroughs in the field of the module equipment (fitting, bonding, detection) and has oneEquipment enterprises in R & D capabilities. Includes: a big laser, refine electron, and joint equipment. Secondly, the OLED upper reaches. Specific fields such as luminescent materials, polarizing plates, FPCs, drive ICs, targets, etc., investment targets include: Wanrun shares, Fuyang Hui, strong new materials, three profiles, etc. Finally, the domestic panel manufacturer of the flexible OLED panel. read more

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was forced to declare “prostitute”

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