At the time, the price adjustment is iQIYI first price adjustment since 9 years.There is a saying that he is abundant, suddenly dead (by poison).Zhao Yun was upgraded in Liu Hanjun.Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the Qi Wang Zhus own combat, and did not use it with others.Ouzak user groups are generally based on the 90s, which has a wide range of demand for meals snacks.Through the governing of the new live e-commerce + content marketing, the product and the product and young brand image have passed the young consumers.During this period, the old rival Tencent video iQIYI completed the first price in the end, although the decline in 2020 iQIYI Subscribe total membership year, membership revenue grew 14 percent to 16.In 2020, the dual-eleven period life is more than 13 million GMV of Mengniu brand, assists in Tmall Tmall Tmall Tiantian Temples to complete 800,000 transaction orders!From Yongle four years, Qi Wang was hung by Zhu Xi, and he went to Xuande for three years.E-commerce + live broadcast is an important means of current brand marketing, according to experts, live e-commerce overall scale in 2021 In the year, the blowout is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan.Liu Bei needs to balance the rights and interests of the official ranks.The current mainstream overseas streaming media, for example, Netflix pricing in the United States for the month of $ 13.”Pursuit of health, but also delicious is this crowd in selecting the core appeal of the rice food, and Ozaks products are just in line with these characteristics.How to efficiently carry out e-commerce live, achieve better live broadcast, and a problem in all brands. read more