For advertising, each advertiser will have different experiences.In general, you can refer to the other partys operational process, which may be a paid service.In the face of such a company, it is possible to encourage the way of upgrading and transformation, making it more standardized.Attractivity of content If you release the content is just a boring soft text, the natural effect is not good, the content of the content is the story Soft text, such as the decoration industry can write some personal story, insert a small advertisement in the article, for example: classmates get married, I came to their new house to see, the effect is very good, I have a thick face, I asked them.How to decorate, they tell me that it is in a certain decoration;, in response to government calls and in accordance with the city, district planning At the same time, it will further stimulate and enhance the potential value space of the project.The end of the advertisement is very critical.This article is published by the milk tea, WeChat public number search “Milk tea can see more. read more