Sometimes I read the code written in front, some write is very disgusting, unlike learning programming, basically written in this case.Later, he was directly stressed and deleted.So we call our customers a part-time qa.Tang Juns flow is to use this vulnerability.Of course Most managers are still good.Now look back, decide to go to Japanese, it is underestimated, and is responsible for a completely strange area, and it is also responsible for coordination with other departments, and there is not enough hand in hand.So the colleagues in the group will become a Xianglin, and people say: I am stupid, really, the light knows to go to work;Even if you can solve it, you can solve it with a computer, you can solve it with your computer, and you will not be able to solve the current model, so you need some to do a strategy.The success is very large, first, solve the problem is important, but let the boss feel that things are more important. read more