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-2019 Demo China Innovation China Sprg Summit- held hanghai

May 22 –23 days, organized by the Entrepreneur “2019 Demo China Innovation China Spring Summit opened at the Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel, the summit of” innovation as the theme, a total of more than 200 institutional investors with first-line business leaders attended to discuss domestic and international entrepreneurship and investment trends, witness the birth of a new open ecosystem variables.

As Chinas largest Demo Day, Chinese Spring Summit this innovation projects at home and abroad a total of 2100+ registration, after five months of screening, 41 venture stand out by special PK, compete for the finals tickets. From Sequoia Capital China Fund, IDG capital, Yuansheng capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Northern Light Venture Capital, Red Dot Partners China, Shun capital, capital Jun Jie, China Growth Capital, the venture capital Feng Yuan, Asia Standard investment really into investment, capital Feng Rui, yuan Wo origin, Germany and other first-tier institutional investors with capital of 200 tracks investors looking for good entertainment in the consumer, financial technology, intelligent things together, BC All-star show and other special road show in business projects, explore the development of the industry in education, business and other services in Demo Talk. The General Assembly is expected to attract more than 4,000 visitors. read more


A model of excellence in quality health services

Aims to improve the physical, mental, and social well being

of every Motswana to fully contribute to the development of Botswana through a healthy nation.

U.S Embassy Announces Funding to Botswana Government

The United States Ambassador to Botswana His Excellency Craig Cloud announced P280 million as new funding to help end the HIV epidemic in Botswana. The funds will go towards clinical training, prevention and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, and cervical cancer as well as upgrading public health information systems. read more

and was appointed as campmate school. The son who hajust bornith Cao Caoent tLuoyang. In thnextix years

What do you think of what you think of Cao Caos Queen? Lets introduce you related historical deeds.

“Shi said, Yinyuan” once evaluated her: “Sexuality, no money, there is a mothers morality.” The ancient feudal dynasty society, the emperor is the nine-five, is a countrys rule Vener, leader, and Queen is a mother of a country, leading to a womans woman in the country. In ancient society, it is necessary to have a lot of conditions, but few people can reach these conditions. In the ancient history, they have to say that there is a mothers style of the world. The Queen will definitely this. It is the character of the Three Kingdoms, which is the second wife of Cao Cao. read more

and at the same time

Thunder Q4 totaling is $ 5,03 million, an increase of 15.0% from the previous month;Zhengs innocent, not only helping Ming Shenzong to solve worry, she will tease her when she is happy, she will not be like a generalThe same one is one board, cautious in front of Mingzong, she dares to touch the Emperors head, dare to hold the waist of Ming Shenzong, this is the general ruler, this is also the reason why Ming Zongzong is unique, after Zheng Born a child, Ming Shenzong and Zheng have to stand him for the prince, but it has been opposed by everyone.People, this person is Zheng.The mother is expensive, Ning points, etc.Zheng Zheng Royal North Zhili Shuntian Daxing County, when the Wanli nine years, the court decreed ready to Wanli Emperor elect nine example, because Zheng pretty outstanding, He was elected to the Royal Palace.The Queen of Ci is to ask for this matter of the gods, and if the gods will be, it is not what he did, and he doesnt want this only a time to rise, but I really want to take a “inner ward” after I have to hug my grandson, and I recorded the things of Ming Shenzongs private palace, and said to Ming Zong: “I am old, I am not grandchildren.Zhengs thus was blocked as Zheng Guifei, Zhengs can be said to be the soul of Ming Shenzong, she doesnt always abide by the women of the dead plate, will not fight for vinegar, will not be confident, for the love of Ming Zong, is complete, Really real, she is a special existence for Ming Zongzong.the companys hair profits are US $ 26.With the beauty and intelligence, she got the favorite of Ming Shen, and it can be said to be a unique pet.After hearing this news, it was very sad after hearing this news.? “Ming Zongzong is saying that there is no words, afterwards, after the king, God, because of his own body I feel sad, then Gongqi gave him a queen, the palace is very happy, only Ming Shenzong is boring, this is not what he wants, these 嫔嫔 is not what he wants to love.of course, history there have been many but the outcome favored bad concubine, like Yang, one of four ancient beauties, despite the Emperors favor, but because Emperor Yangs addicted to sex, and ultimately led to the Prince Yang is because she was considered is the roots of troubles.The financial report showed that the 2020 Thunders total annual camhouse was $ 187 million, an increase of 3.6 million US dollars, realizing the growth of quarterly profitability.In fact, Zhengs did not have this idea, just before the Ming Shenzong agreed to her, Ming Shen Zongben didnt want to hear the opinion from the ministers, but after the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor was intervened, forced to have a helpless spiritual vow, standing The son of the god is a prince.the member business revenue is $ 20.3% from the previous month.For future performance expectations, Thunder said that the 2021 Thunder Building project is about to be completed and will be put into use.0% from the previous mont! read more