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How is Ma Chao? One of the five tigers in the country, once in the midst of the mysteria, it is the existence of God.Thus, when the Monkey King learned that the monk was caught and the red boy when the Monkey King to want to climb through relatives, let the red boy monk to put out, however, red boy did not recognize this relationship, Monkey red boy and also special skill to Sanmeizhenhuo smoked halo.in addition, it also officially draws down the smart phone and features a pioneer to open the intelligent mobile phone era.The first is that the second brother Guan Yu is killed by Dongwu.On the one hand, the body of Ma Chao has not allowed him to be in the past, killing the enemy on the battlefield.Although the back is designed with a 3D shape, the grip is believed to be more winning than the initial iPhone.I believe that everyone understands that the Master of the red child is too old.Subjective factors of the War of YilingThis year, the 10th anniversary iPhone will also undertake similar destinations, and have a represession in the iPhone product line.I am afraid it will Feel the legs, the macaroni of the horse is still not in Dongwu, in terms of Jiangdong, he is not like Guan Yu and Zhang Liao, the generals of the worlds magnitude earthquake. read more