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and he couldnt help but motr was too grief.After tdeath of Qin Huiwen

Next, the month is the first person in the history of Chinese history.Money can also serve you, the most touching is Wiping, every employer on Witkey is actually a good hand using resources.The original husband of the month is Qin Huiwen.Otherwise, it is likely to become a prey of others, such as this example.At the same time, the month is not idle in the harem.Edge innovation + the desire to money, learn all the way to help, remember!Attachment: 360PC media square platform point here for this login entranceI dont know if I am stupid, until the next day, I found a few times, I suddenly realized that this buddy is selling a station, selling is a source code and the so-called sister tutorial., which are much more exposed, and many are sensitive to similar information.I saw two eyes and scarlets.In the first 272, the month was induced by Yugu Wang Yu Ganquan Palace.Here is the article that is affirmed by God of Wealth for us, I opened my thoughts, inspired thinking, this is enough, I dont expect me to bring any high secrets, I have to do this is the inspiration of articles such as God, Re-enact the grass root thinking, welcome to shoot bricks.Second point: learn to use the resources this weapons article also said, here resources include money, advertising, people, etc.At the same time, the ancients have the concept of death.Subsequently, Qin State took the opportunity to attract the scratch, and set up the west, Northern Land, Shangshi County in Yiqu, let Qin Guodong, no worries.We often see a lot of nets with thrilling numbers, such as the article of ortognth, I dont know how everyone looks.Qin Zhaozhen went to the power of the month, and he couldnt help but the mother was too grief.After the death of Qin Huiwen, he was illegal.I cant wait to focus on the eye. read more

as well as some information collection

2 Female User Attributes According to the attributes of the female user groups in each content platform, 26-30 years old young women are mainly concerned, at the same time pay more attention to maternal and baby, pets, second-hand trading sections, womens marital status is married.It is the case to choose a suitable platform, and achieve the performance of the drainage, maximizing the value of creative content.I hope this report can help new media practitioners learn from the multi-angle to understand the content platform, and more deeper the female fan drainage channels and the performance value.这可不是段子。This means that in video scenarios such as mobile phone live, low-definition mobile terminal (such as telephone watches), the technology of NetEase Yunxin has improved in the camera hardware., 135 group members shall be detained according to law. read more

the biggest gap between people and peoplI think it isn err four hourseforgog to gff work

After the week, the army is entering the back of the Qidan.Drifting as a personal bodyguard shutter general of the Jade Emperor, then this is live.This is not to raise a waste it!First, a grand occasion.Initially, the biggest gap between people and people I think it is in the three or four hours before going to get off work, you may be unimaginable, I have tried and thought about how many kinds when I faced the exhibition of survival.伴君如伴虎, this maxim still justified, shutter general Drifting nothing remarkable happened.10% discount directly to reduce the day of the day!After paying the three rental rent, there is less than 1,000 deposits, and there are hundreds of resumes and rushing.This day, Zhao Weis army night Chenqiao, and soldiers saw the generals and his brother and the school Zhao Pu entered the account.Ten billion partners condense massive office housing, and strive to provide the highest quality office environment with the most favorable price, the most intimate service, but they not only have the vision of the market, integrate resources, but also in the entrepreneur Difficult toys.However, in this process, the light can die hard, how to analyze and judge, a test for “Xiaoyao”.At the beginning of the establishment, I wanted to relatives, but I finally realized that I have ten hands and difficult to block a barrel.We all know that the North Han Dynasty will not be easy to think about it later, and send a small army to recover all the strategic places, let it invade the west of the West.If you get 375 yuan every month, it is 2250 yuan for 6 months, and you can save 4,500 yuan a year.Some people only want to develop a deputy industry in the work. read more

which is perhaps drop quasi proper meaning.Just say: “What do these messy health secretare noliable

If you are some irrelevant and messy pictures, you must be cautious.But everyone thinks, a WeChat adds 3,000 people, and 10 mobile phones can install 30,000 WeChat friends.In fact, it is not different from the personal number of WeChat.Daily one-on-one private chat, WeChat group interacts, the circle of friends can guarantee the marketing of customers.Even if your company enforces the company to add customers to the enterprise WeChat and group operation, but I am a strong recommendation to register a few people.Operation problem [/ color] [/ size] [/ b] [/ td] [/ tr] [/ table] red envelope is The best weapons in the community operation.After Shunzhi Emperor, continue to develop the hindu system, in addition to the opening of the draft, the Qing Dynasty has also appeared in the history of Huanggui, and she is later chased as the Queen of the Queen of Xiaoni.As a result, Yans hometown is a hand in the Hougong, and the Kangxi is officially entered into the era. read more

and recruitment work is still continuous.Now online shoppg produces a large number of after-saleissues

2 new crown special medicines are specific immunoglobulins, respectively, respectively, respectively, and monoclonal antibody injection.The 2 new crown special drugs exhibited by Chinese creatures, a specific immunoglobulin has recently obtained clinical trials;It is another breakthrough result in Chinas organism in the treatment of neoguan pneumonia.”Huaxia Times” reporter learned from Chinese creatures that the above second-generation new crown is currently doing three clinical trials in the UAE;As the treatment of biological products This is the worlds first new crown pneumonia-specific therapeutic drug prepared from the new crown and immunized vaccine.The attack in animals showed that the single-resistant can significantly reduce the weight caused by viral infection.after his death, his son Sima Shi and Sima Zhao have boarded the high;The research results have been published in the “Nature” sub-magazine “Cell Discovery” magazine.The vaccine has become the most effective weapon against new crown viruses.mRNA vaccine is in the clinical stage We are improving the construction of mRNA platform and large-scale production workshop layout.The treatment is also very important. read more

the best words are not added

It needs to calculate speed and data, and it is necessary to make a plan, understand the complex concept, and need to continue learning in practice.The entire store is in the decline.In the days of Lu, he tried his best to resist the attempt of the Rüsmans children as Wang, and later was taken by Lu after the remarkable Fu, he simply refused, and it was closed for eight years, and finally died in home.Of course, it is more important that they follow a big brother, and laugh at his leader, this has this miraculous “rich talent blowout phenomenon”.ArticleTheir potential is only in this big.Introduction to the Basic Situation:Regional:Summary: According to the store itself, most of the stores are more than one baby, the direct train can be planned, multi-purpose promotion, the keywords of each plan are precise words, pass The precision drainage of keywords on the train, improved the precision traffic in the stores overall visitors.Moreover, these are the best way to start the general intelligence entrepreneurship in general entrepreneurs.Under the stirring of the Times, it can be revealed.According to the store itself, the big words of the industry should not add, low competitive, the best words are not added, according to display, correlation Full, choose the keywords that meet your own baby, plus the high-conversion of the long-tail words of the industry, and the bid can see the average price of the market in the past year according to the flow analysis, which is below the market average 10% -20%. read more

which can utilize new communication technology to aieve harsh requirements of liabity

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “New Energy Automobile Production Enterprise and Product Admission Management Regulations”, the vehicle control unit is installed on all new energy vehicles for new production from January 1, 2017. “Che I else T-Box car driving recorder as a new product of Amei Technology, can help users understand the car status anytime, anywhere.

” Che IC T-Box car driving recorder can read Take the car CAN bus data, it has dual-core processing CPU architecture and the car level processing chip, which can utilize new communication technology to achieve harsh requirements of reliability, operating temperature, anti-interference, etc., allowing vehicle information intelligent entry, data collection , Remote control, remote upgrade and many other functions are implemented. read more

-Add Keep- -Fans- Wireless Dream Home –

“Even the pain, can not stop a skull looked wisdom, it is this” Goldbach conjecture discourse “in the description of the hero, deeply moved by the lack of food or teens money East surprising, and It inspired him to achieve in the future again and again. “pioneer. Precisely because, 20 years after the TINECO can add brand was born. Tims first TINECO 2019 may be thinking intelligent vacuum cleaner PURE ONE stunning debut.

pioneering wireless – “Wireless vacuuming, to make our users happy read more

-Cloud- class name big five gums

The impact of cloud services, “Cloud domain name is favored. Recently, one with” cloud-related English combination domain name took 81179 yuan.

The domain name is made by English “Cloud Cloud and” combined with Pass, suitable for building cloud service related websites, such as visa, games, etc.

In addition, an English domain name shot 53421 yuan, the list new, the meaning of the new, news, suitable for building a news platform.

Single-strugglar beng. Net shoots 31,000 yuan, there is “, collapse, 嘣, etc., corresponding to many pump industry, also suitable for building sports, dance websites. read more

-Breakfast- nearly 130,000 yuan

Recently, at the domain auction, many alphabetics were taken, one of the three parent domain name took a small six-digit price.

The domain name is based on US $ 1999, near RMB 130,000. Meaning has a “breakfast shop, early tea shop, car rental store, etc., suitable for building food, car rental and other platforms.

The domain name is 35,000 yuan, the domain name is ended in letter W, there is” The meaning, understanding as “fan network, clothing network, Fujiyut, housing network, Foshan Net, etc., suitable for the establishment of stars, e-commerce, farmers, regional portals and other websites. read more

-618- e-commerce is all sentient, what is the businesto choosthplatform-

Review domestic e-commerce has developed more than 20 years. In this year, the e-commerce platform represented by Ali has promoted the progress of the business.

In the course of the development of e-commerce giants, the two shopping festivals of Double 11 and 618 set off a wave of shopping. After more than ten years of development, the shopping experience brought by the double festival is more enriched.

This years 618, a large number of platforms joined the war, considered “The most competitive 618 in history, which also guess the outside world more speculated. From 618 e-commerce platform disclosure According to the data, many data are quite bright, especially the number of merchants of Tmall 618 cooperation is far ahead. read more


All of the systems within the body interact with one another to keep an organism healthy. Although each system has specific functions, they are all interconnected and dependent on one another. The nervous system controls various organs of the body directly. The brain also receives information from many organs of the body and adjusts signals to these organs to maintain proper functioning.

The skeletal system makes up the framework of the body and allows us to move when our muscles contract. It stores minerals (e.g. calcium, phosphorous) and releases them into the body when they are needed. The skeletal system also protects internal organs and produces blood cells. read more

Men wait outside a centre for drivers of ride-hailing giant Di Chuxing BeijoJuly 16

Men wait outside a centre for drivers of ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing in Beijing on July 16, 2021. Didis average daily active users decreased to 10.9 million in August from 15.6 million in June. Photo: AP

Didi Chuxings ride-hailing orders fall in August as Beijings data security investigation starts to bite

Ride-hailing orders for Didi fell 21.1 per cent in August from the previous month

That marked a steeper decline than the Chinese ride-hailing industrys overall 17.2 per cent decrease in the same period read more

U-M is transforming how we create and access clinical formation toar pients

This application will help the division of Rheumatology, GI, Pulmonary to track patient taking immunosuppressive medications. The application is dedicated to enhance the care of patients who require long term tracking of chronic conditions and their related medications.

Centricity clinical information view.

The Ann Arbor VA Computerized Patient Record

Help with Michigan Medicine access to CPRS

Operative documentation and charge capture system.

Search engine for medical documents in CareWeb.

The Etiometry T3 intensive care unit software allows clinicians and quality improvement teams in the ICU to aggregate data from multiple sources, store it for analysis, and view the streaming data in real-time. read more

these small objects were classified in a small box

They have no choice in the traditional sense of the units worked; almost all their orders from the network; they are young, beautiful and persistent or were bystanders believed to be stubborn and headstrong; they belong to the independent space of 4G mobile Internet era . Not just Taobao, microblogging, micro letter, QQ space on the handset, as long as the associated software can interact with the outside world and they are publishing platform information. You follow me, I am concerned about her, communication between people is the Internet to create a parallel logic up to a difficult to convey the desired speed. They are “electricity supplier girl.” Xiali wearing her own design of “Lolita” clothing walking down the street when people will always attract curious eyes, there will be some brave people phone up her child through a continuous shooting. The “Lolita” in which 12 girls electricity supplier can be considered a small minority of the whole Wuhan City, more than a thousand million people, for many years to “Lolita” style dress girl no more than 500 people. Without the Internet, Xialis “Lolita” clothing business is absolutely not to todays results: her factory hired 15 workers in the production of “Lolita” costume every day, even in Southeast Asia buyers came to the door . Han Chen who model their own fat figure is upset, but now she gave large size women around the shop brought vitality, every weekend she will wear these large size clothing to take pictures and go. Bring the mobile Internet era is not only fast information transmission, but a new world to gendered, independent personality and culture can make use of the network will expand from personal space on their own screen to the whole world, past the so-called small circle, subcultures are aggregated, interactive and amplification. 25-year-old Henan Zheng Yi girl wandering in the world of rich ethnic characteristics of the region, rely on to help people made “dreadlocks” and earn tolls. Not long ago, she was free to a village in Yunnan Dali, rented a stump broken walls overgrown house-breaking prepare transformed into art studios, the Internet provides a possibility for her this maverick lifestyle. The girls become more and more independence and individuality, the power structure of the traditional business of the Internet is the individual behind the slowly melting. This is an era that can be envisioned, it is inherent in changing peoples lifestyle, business opportunities are expanding boundaries between industries began to blur, civilization in the mobile Internet era of integration and is quietly changing the first line of the body …… Luo Ting including sunglasses are bought second-hand clothing after renovation and redesign. She graduated from Wuhan Textile University, UK John likedGallianos romantic retro wind and the United States street culture. She earned life with WeChat public, and sold all the ideas and costumes and clothing. The sewing machine is a mothers dowry, and now it is a Lotten service. “I am 190 pounds in high school, now stable in 170 pounds, 89 years!” Han Chens first job is for a costume Taobao shop, this store sells many large size womens clothing is looking for thin girls Made of model, unfortunately thin girls cant reflect the design language of large size womens clothing, so Han Chen Sori is committed to doing fat models for e-commerce. Since then, the invitation from the large size clothing online store is constantly. Charli wearing the “Lolita” costumes made, painting design drawings on a long table. For interest, Shali initially only published works on the forum, and later starting from the online store to the physical store to the large-scale operation, with its own plant. She said: “In addition to going to the market, the remaining time is the Lili Tower wind dress, more than ten years, all the time.” In Wu Qianqians WeChat, in addition to the customer make pastries in her store, the rest It is the picture of the 23rd floor overlooking the prime business circle in this building. This DIY dessert store has been doing in 2008 and has been promoted on Douban. In this 6 years, I have been here at 10:00 am to 19 am. Full of a wall behind a wall is a customers message, and her imprisonment in Wuhan 6 years. Zhang Chunfang, Taiwan Hualien County Aboriginal, Amei. After the Chinese mainland tourists go to Taiwan, after the release of June 2011, Taiwan Hualiens taxi driver and the merchants of the guests introduced their tourists from the mainland tourists. Zhang Chunfang said: “My Weibo has just opened in June. You are the first to contact my mainland tourists through the Internet.” When traveling in Guangxi 2 years ago, Wen Xiaoqian tasted an ancient way to make radish skin, This taste makes her feelings dream. In March this year, after doing childrens clothing design, plane model, and fashion editing, Wen Xiaoqian has its own space. She will come from the radish skin of Guangxi, the beef, beef sauce and the beef ribs, which are carefully packaged with the stained blue flower cloth. Zheng Wei has a Weibo name called twenty-two waves, which recorded her from Bulgaria to Morocco, Ganges, Saigon, Guizhou Kaili, Rajasthan, Tel Aviv and Gaza Territory. Through Weibo, WeChat release information, Zheng Wei helps “dirty”, a head of 500 yuan, this is an important thing for her travel feesource. To go to the worlds very national distinctive area to collect handmade is her search journey. Zhang Linyi began to pay attention to “Hannah tattoo” in India four years ago, and the truly teacher is in June this year. With Weibo and WeChat, she appoints hand-painted locations. In her portable bag, there is always these things, several playing the temples of Hanna Tattoo and the manuscript created, and the paste plant pigment that is grinded with the seedlings of the sea grass. Now there are more than a dozen customers every day, and the hand-painted step prices are 20 yuan. She has three names, Wu Yanzhen, Wu Lin and cat demon. “I will believe in Buddha when I start public understanding, because my mother believes in Buddha.” From 2004 to the work, she has changed more than ten work before and after. In 2010, the cat demon opened the Taobao shop, from crystal jade to the Honoda bracelet and the necklace of the Bodhi series, most of the trophy in Tibet, but her Taobao shop has always been zero. “My Taobao shop has been opened, and the eternal life is all my hand to send it into the customer. When I have more business, I will be busy very late …” MISS ooklice is busy replying to mobile WeChat, I will I ran into the room to design her vase. “I have a bride tomorrow. After tomorrow, there is a wedding scene to be arranged. They need me to make an eternal flower bottle for them.” Wang Yans studio is a set of two rooms in the small area. The house, 90 square meters of rooms have been filled with various female bags, almost no foot. At the time of some messy tables, the two computers sent a smoking of Ali Wangwang from time to time, and the floor was full of womens bags that have been packaged ready to ship. When talking to me, Wang Yan also continued to answer the phone, reply to the message, packaged for the buyer. Xiong Yujies jewelry store opened in 2011, stacking a small flower of various colors of pearls and golden silver, these small objects were classified in a small box, and each box was set up with fabric lace. Although there is a physical store, her main business source is the promotion of network tools such as Weibo. Xiong Yujie will regularly publish its own works and store products. Reprinted from: Changjiang Daily read more

which operates 12 hospitals from itheadquarterin Aurora

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Colorado hospital system will require vaccine for its organ transplant list : Coronavirus Updates

The UCHealth hospital system in Colorado says unvaccinated patients wont be eligible for an organ transplant, citing the significant risk the virus poses to transplant recipients.

Latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

People who want organ transplants must get the COVID-19 vaccine, a hospital says read more

plain text passwords

A vulnerability report of the ancestors: a large number of 12306 users in the Internet, including user accounts, plain text passwords, ID card mailbox, etc. (unknown of leakage), but interpretation of a vulnerability report that has not yet public details It is very unreliable. This thing 12306 has been informed, and the black cloud also provides evidence of the white hat discovery, so what is the situation of the official final reply together, and do not guess or even misleading. Since this vulnerability has not been publicly disclosed and officially handled, I dont talk about it today, talk about more 13W account sensitive data for two days. Once this data, this data immediately led to various institutions and media follow-up, quickly launched “reliable” analysis, or known than reliable “reliable” news … When each family is eager to make a sound, dark clouds The white hat is still silently looking for clues, maximizing the scope of the impact, looks at the harvest together: First, the most original file name of this 13W data should be sauce: Why still after-sales group? It is difficult to provide update and not Satisfied with the return service? But no matter what, this group number is a very critical clue, so our white hat is disguised into buyers. I really contacted a seller in the group (the quantity is too huge, I cant verify the authenticity, so blur Handling) This person directly throws 7 data, and the format is consistent with the 13W spread on the Internet, but only one of the other people who have no overbar of the 13W data cannot be found. It seems that the integrity of the 13W data is full of doubts. Well, the mouth is very strict (the most valuable hacker acquisition method to fail, so you cant conclusively, the white hat thinks, it is better to take some data with yourself with your own users, and look at the combination and authenticity. Results These data were not found in 13W data (and can be logged in to 12306 after testing 12306) How much is the data we dont know? Wushujuns knowledge is a afternoon. . . Unfortunately, this point of time is just over the report of the outside media. The seller seems to be smelling the danger suddenly disappearing, no longer seeing, I dont see it (today I found that QQ data is also emptied, thank you for the media! Thank xxtv !!) Finally, Wu Yunjun will provide these 13W data provided outside the white hat. Sensitive data is again supplied to 12306 (because of this critical difference data, it will help the official positioning log in the key clues in the log. Whoever gets the first time, which people may bought it!At the same time, Wu Yunjun also hopes that users do not have users in the 13W data, and try to change the password aspect. How many of our passwords have been leaked and traded, this no one can say it clear. I am afraid that the Wu Yunjun will play a play, so I left these users to log in to the account of HASH to prevent meaningless dramatic, and I am interested in the Yellow surname Friends can log in to the account on MD5. In case of these proof data. 52756d1668dd14c1e33a63621477c5840f8d1248c84d20aad702128ae971b276a3e6e52a651199a9c6b711bd3a14492851db1240829c66ee23ad55b9a5fec1d1becd24f6163450e4cc701287f0b2a70c4076fb754d18fadba7110ab4f2263a97e9608120662cfaf91fd25c046439cf3d => this is the only repeat comparing 13W login name 6425d54303515197442050bf0437d47e0f7e29afa557dc52521d1aa5c218a16577238d3221eaeae50fb1d8ec29ad253cf24095592060f77f833a045308106bd668f7b000cbf818b0043a72e22eee4215d1755335f4197cd587102d6323b184b765c946fe68b6c2e7aa43c0ece1343a2f04e55fb5a707d157c59c84f699daf007cefa8782f7d544c8f3b0c112d1898454cb218a652e29ee22ad64dd ** 85071709b4b2fe87df032d1e7d3861a96e0aa7839dd044cd6e38d31670 ** f321fa3b4ad5211 ** 27264346a7c2c3edd68a19829d59ceab1e1BDA8334BD33EAF60965D831DC908B6680C56FEC6749AA08070D2DE8A About this 13W data, many institutional organizations are talking about hitting libraries, where information is not clear. However, the black hat has a white hat to give some analysis, for reference only (these have been leaked and flowing for many years of data power is not ah) 13W data folk analysis, believes that the official can check the official The original origin of the event and give the user a satisfactory answer. This event we saw the official positive response, and saw the users vigilance and saw the level of the black production on the 12306 account data. If you can pay more about your account safely (alter password, give up existing password, because the leaks may be mastered), the company monitors re-powers some (if it is a hit, so many data cannot be If you hit the quiet, you will always have this thing. Safe can not always rely on fire, but also to accumulate. Finally, Wu Yunjun is giving you all the information points whiskers for everyone, respectively,: 1) 12306 official security awareness for 12306 official security awareness, everyone from Wu Yun Historical report self-experience manufacturers information _ China Railways Science The list of vulnerabilities in the research institute actually this 12306 response and means is timely, according to Weibo users, many leaks are quickly locked. But no matter who is responsible, this wave data is obviously targeted at the 12306 ticket purchase platform. I hope that the official survey is that even if it is inconvenient to openly affected the user, at least give the user a reminder or mandatory password change, they are the largest victim needs protection. Finally, if the official does have an account interface vulnerability that can hit the library, it is also desirable to tell if it is discovered and processed, and you can continue to hit the library theft user data. Here is a slot to spit: After you know the leak, the first idea of ??Wu Yunjun is also a password, then delete the identity card information saved in the account, which will be filled in the future. The results found that 12306 is not! Yun! Xu! Delete! It seems that the document takes a period of time after the account is allowed to delete, and if my data does not let me delete … But can I do clearly show (Internet company It is very good, sensitive information has an asterisk protection) 2) Third-party grabbing leaks in this leakage incidentBefore, Wu Yunjun is also thinking, will these third-party ticketing agencies will record our information under the premise of not inform us? Really not too dare. As a result, in the first two days, a vulnerability report seems to confirm that this suspected UC browser functional plug-in “grabbing help” is not properly designed to lead to privacy information leaks such as tickets / ID cards (vulnerabilities are currently repaired). The vulnerability does not record the users plain text password, so it has nothing to do with this leak, but it is indeed the alarm of the third party to grab the ticket. It is not the official platform to limit too much, no one will abandon regular channels to choose a third-party ticketing platform, so since we have chosen, we must have a trust of users! 3) The principle of hit the library does not mention, many media Understand, it is a bit like old monk. The hit the library attacks in the wind turbulent fire of the domestic and foreign cavity, and a flourishing phase. Whenever some companies have been dragged, the influence is not just its own, but also indirectly threaten these users to serve in other companies! So the influence and responsibility of the hit library have not been clear, no one admits. Nowadays, the information, password, mobile phone, ID card, address, friend relationship, etc. can be leaked … Look at Weibo some users have been used to identity information, but such information is the core of certain security mechanisms Part, this is not a good thing to be vigilant. I hope that Internet companies will work together with Multi-party agencies to investigate the resident responsible party, and they pay attention to user information security, dont work hard on your mouth. And the leaks such as accounts need to make victims, and do a good prevention in advance. But this is possible? Is this impossible ?? This, maybe … this article read more

or chocolate to keep heart healthy

Mumbai hits 30% of August cases, deaths in first 7 days of September

Mumbai hits 30% of August cases, deaths in first 7 days of September

Locals gather at Dadar market to shop ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

MUMBAI: AlthoughCovidcases in the city dropped for the second consecutive day on Tuesday (349), the weekly graph shows a worrying increase. The case tally in the first seven days of September is 2,918 a third of the entire tally of 9,048 in August.

The daily toll has been under five on most days, yet the deaths between September 1 and 7 is also a third of the August toll of 78. read more

CNNIC Director Mao Wei said

These two days of media have been widely reported “. China” top-level domain name, CNNIC Director Mao Wei said, “China” International top Chinese domain name has been approved to take effect, will automatically upgrade “.cn” domain name “. China”, Also support Simplified and Traditional Chinese input. Currently “China” domain name has accepted a global application. Question 1: Tap the URL is a problem: I am playing .CN, now call me “. China” should still put the space, the symbol also change half angle, and the middle must switch two inputs! Question 2: Browser support is a problem: Enter “Peoples Network. China” in IE, you can go to the Peoples Network website, but in other browsers to enter “Peoples Network. China”, more browsers are completely Such Chinese domain names are not supported. Input trouble is a big problem, and if you dont solve it, you will definitely affect the promotion of Chinese domain names. Question 3: Will it come casually? Last years Internet strikes, there are millions of CN domains to be recovered, or because the filing become dead stations, todays reputation to the Chinese domain name is today, “China” will repeat the “.cn domain name”, is a problem ? read more

and more

Musician? Boost Your Visibility at All About Jazz

Upgrade your AAJ musician page from standard to premium and make your presence felt!

Maximize your visibility at All About Jazz by upgrading your musician page from standard to premium. With it, youll receive All About Jazz home page exposure, a highly stylized / ad-free musician page with bonus features and benefits, an ad, plus you control where you sell your music and so much more.

Japanese American Karuna Shinsho Releases To Love Again August 25th – Samba From Japan! read more